Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same Good News to be shared with all people!

Missions are about God’s people, the Church, giving away the Good News to people who need to hear the message and see it lived out in action.  We strive to accomplish this by sending people out from New Life Community Church to be In Oshkosh For Oshkosh as well as across boarders and oceans.  We also join with others in strategic partnerships to do what Jesus called his followers to do in making disciples.

Active Missionaries

Gloria Biffert

My vision is to train teachers and children's workers to reach children and parents with the love of Jesus. The desire of my heart is to work with and encourage others to use their God-given talents and abilities to transform the next generation for Christ.

David and Karmi Bucklely

Dave & Karmi Buckley have been missionaries since 1998. They have two college-age children, Weston & Jillaine. Dave and Karmi's desire is to make a bigger impact in the city of Budapest by planting a Hungarian-speaking church.

Steve and Astrid Dunn

Steve and Astrid began their first full term of ministry as Assemblies of God missionaries in 1990 serving together with a German pastor at the Charismatic Center in Munich.

Jamie and Tasha Kemp

Jamie and Tasha are missionaries to Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world.  They are successfully pioneering a campus ministry that strategically focuses on Muslim university students.  By reaching the campus, they are impacting the future leaders of Indonesia.

Doug and Corrine Lowenberg

The Lowenbergs have spent 25+ years serving in Burkina Faso, Togo, Kenya, and Ethiopia engaged in Muslim evangelism, Bible school training, and mission team leadership.

Shawn and Carolina Sislo

Shawn and Carolina serve as regional mentors for church planters. They are involved in training and mentoring their Mexican brothers and sisters who are responding to the call to make disciples and establish churches among those unengaged with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Brad and Rhonda Walz

Brad and Rhonda’s focus continues to be on raising non-Western workers and helping develop their sending structures. They served in Argentina for 29 years.

Davana Boushele

Davana has been on staff with Chi Alpha at UWO since 2018. She has the heart to see people come to know God more through musical worship but has also grown a love for preaching the Word of God.

Jacob Bock

Jacob has been an Assembly of God missionary in Spain since 1985. Jacob is the founder and the director of Ontheredbox, a prayer and evangelism training center in the heart of Madrid, Spain.  
We teach people to do effective evangelism.

Troy and Heidi Darrin

We are Troy and Heidi Jo Darrin, missionaries in Eastern Europe, the country of Moldova. Having served in the ministry 30 years now, 10 of which have been on the mission field. We ask for your prayers as lead students to Christ and build churches in unreached areas of Moldova.

Dale and Delight Eytzen

Dale and Delight Eytzen are currently serving in the areas of Latin America and the Caribbean

Terry and Ruthanne Hoggard

As missionaries, Terry & Ruthanne oversee the Global International Church Network (GICN). The Hoggards provide support for emerging international church development in all of the AGWM regions.

Wendell and Patti McClung

Wendell and Patti will be serving with Builders International. Wendell will host teams in countries where Builders International has active projects. There are 40+ projects worldwide that the Assemblies of God National Churches, Missionaries, and other ministries have ongoing.

Paul and Barbara Parks

The Parks serve in international ministries. They are also partners with Oral Learners Initiatives.

Joe and Noemi Szabo

Joe & Noemi serve as Area Directors for Southern Europe. They lead the missionary team and serve as a link to national church leadership in Portugal, Spain, the Canary Islands, Andorra, Italy, Malta, Greece, and Cyprus.

Rachel Yokers

Rachel is an alum of UW Oshkosh and has been the director of Chi Alpha at UWO since 2016. She is passionate about teaching young adults and helping them mature as a disciple of Christ and improve their biblical literacy.

Encourage our active missionaries

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