New Life.CC Blog?

And another thing!
Hey New Life Family,

Thanks for clicking on this blog post! Why are we starting a blog you may be asking yourself?

Because I can. And because you are reading it. And because we want to be able to continue to provide information in new ways that will help you Know God, Find Freedom, Discover your Purpose, and Make a Difference.

Our goal as a church is to help you grow in your walk with Jesus. Have you ever noticed that all of the books of the bible are written? With words?

While this blog is not the Bible (which means we will make mistakes along the way) I can't help but to think about how powerful written communication is. Spoken words can last for a while before they are forgotten but a written record is forever.

Nothing is set in stone, but expect to see content that is informative and encouraging. We want to give an avenue to our readers out there who might want to see words on a page instead of watching a video.

Also, make sure to jump into the discussions in the comments. We are not called to be just consumers of information, but contributors and teachers. Let's teach each other things.

The Best is Yet to Come.

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George - August 6th, 2023 at 9:47pm

It looks like no one has used this site? In any case, since today’s service is fresh in my mind, let me start by thanking Zach for his message on several key teachings that we as Christians need to hear and be reminded about:

1. Show Godly love to others. Jesus said loving others is the most important command, yet it is among the most ignored by Christians. Loving others should be the single most important quality of a Christian. It is not easy; but it is a commandment as important as loving God.

What does it look like? It means showing Godly love to all – Democrats & Republicans, gays and straight, Christians and Muslims.

2. Practice what we preach. As Christians, do we attract people to God, or turn them away? Do we have credibility in the world?

Things to think about!