Why we Exist

In Oshkosh//For Oshkosh

We believe that God put us in our community on purpose. To make disciples and lead people to Jesus in our own backyard. We are a local church that supports missions worldwide, but the most important mission is what we do right here in Oshkosh.

Know God

God is the only thing in this world that can make us whole.
We exist to help people find their way back to God so that they may be filled.
We do this by sharing the gospel and Word so that we may be born again in the Holy Spirit.

Find Freedom

Jesus is the Key to Freedom. We exist to help people find the freedom promised to us through Jesus. 
"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."
-John 8:36.

Discover your purpose

We all have a role to play in God's Kingdom.
 Each of us have unique gifts that God calls us to use for one another (1 Peter 4:10). We exist to help people find these gifts so that they can do what only they are equipped to do. We do this through discipleship and education. Then we create opportunities to use those gifts through service.

make a difference

Sitting on the gifts  and freedom God graciously gave us through Jesus is not enough. We believe that God calls us all to make a difference in the world that we are part of. We exist to equip people with the tools to go out and make disciples in our community and around the world. 

Our Story

An Early Fire

Reverand Carl D Schmitt came to Oshkosh from Milwaukee in 1916 to start a Pentecostal Church. He held services in his home on Bowen Street and grew the group by going door to door in his neighborhood. It did not take long before growing out of their home. They rented space above a Woolworth store, a store building on sixth street, and later rented a building on the corner of Fulton and Main in Oshkosh.

Reverand R. L Sharnick came from Milwaukee to assist Rev. Schmitt as the church began to grow. Sunday School attendance during the first year reached a high of 25 children!

Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Rev. and Mrs Schmitt returned to Milwaukee leaving the church group in the care of Rev Sharnick. Rev Sharnick split his time divided in ministry between Milwaukee and Oshkosh.

In 1919 Rev Sharnick returned full time to Oshkosh selling Bibles door to door.To help provide for his meals he worked in a restaurant.

Creating Roots

In 1920 the early church began meeting in a rented building on the corner of Forest and Elmwood. The name of the church became the "Oshkosh Gospel Tabernacle."
The group hosted tent meetings for evangelists, worked to support gospel missions, and continued to be blessed with growth.
On July 2, 1923 Rev. C.A Hansen came from Minneapolis for a special meeting, at which time the church was set in order with the Assemblies of God. The Charter Membership was signed with 47 members.
Later that year the property was purchased. With a few remodels along the way the building on the corner of Forest and Elmwood housed the church from 1920 until 1957.

50 years

In 1957 the church, known as "The First Assembly of God Church" moved to it's new home at 1325 Elmwood Ave.
The Assembly celebrated 50 years of fellowship in 1966. Some of the signers of the 1923 Assemblies of God Charter were still members of the church at the 50th Anniversary Celebration. The culture of deep roots still exists in the church today.
The church stayed in this location from 1957 to 1981. God continued to grow the church and work in the congregation faithfully during this time.

New Life and New Ways

The First Assembly of God changed its name to New Life Community Church in 1980. With a growing church and a changing world, New Life Community Church made a move. The building at 1325 Elmwood Ave was sold and a new building on Washburn St (now the Walmart in Oshkosh) was under construction.
There was a short time between buildings, but the New Life family made it through the transition by being flexible. Including a baptism service in a member's pool!

The Fire  Still Burns at Washburn

If you were to ask New Life family members today about "the old church".  There is a good chance that they remember going to church at Washburn, or maybe they went to Wee Wisdom for daycare there. In 1982 the church moved a little bit outside of its downtown roots and planted itself on what was a still developing West Side of Highway 41.
For 20 years this location served as the central hub for New Life Community Church. The orange interior still lives on in the memories of our members.

New BUilding, Same Gospel 2002-Present

In 2002 when faced with commercial development and interest in the Washburn property New Life packed up the moving vans one more time. From 2002 - Present the church has found its home at 3250 W 9th Ave. And while things seem to have change including continued development in our new neighborhood a lot of the traditions have carried through. We often hear that we are a warm and welcoming community.  

We would love to have you join us and enjoy in 100 years of community.  The people of New Life Community Church want to help you know God and live in Christian fellowship.

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